Change in Privacy Protect service:

Due to the forthcoming change in ICANNs policy, the overhead costs of providing the Privacy Protect service will increase substantially. Starting soon, we will be charging an annual fee of $3 per domain name for our Privacy Protect service. With most Providers in the market charging as high as $6 per year, you could offer this as a chargeable service and still earn a profit on it!

Please Note:

For domain names that are already registered and use Privacy Protect service, no charge shall be levied till the domain name expires, or until the next renewal, whichever is earlier. At the time of renewal of the domain name, you will have the flexibility of not renewing Privacy Protect along with the domain name.
For domains names that are already registered and do not use Privacy Protect service, upon activation of this service, charges shall be applied on a pro-rata basis till the domain expires.
For any new domain registrations opting for Privacy Protection service, above mentioned annual charges will be applicable.
The duration of this service will be the same as the duration of the domain name it is associated with.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

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